The Power of Combat Taekwondo
[DVD/MAURI]    $29.95

This video shows you a unique sport, you learn to protecting against an attack, the defence staff step by step, how to improve your fitness-for health and even for fun - and most importantly: a test on your own mind. The game begins when two fighters are challenging but only one of them can be the winner. It is essential to be in good physical shape and have a basic foundation of the Martial Arts. Breathing is essential to combat the effects of stress caused by emotional stress before and after the fighting. Always maintain an open mind to learn new methods and ways of training. Respect the fundamental bases of your martial discipline to advance the practice of fighting, keep confidence in yourselves, controlad and conectad your mind with your body to get achieve victory. Master Maurice Elmalem is 9 th Dan Black Belt of WPMAD And 6 th Dan Black Belt of W.T.F. His outstanding skills in the fight and breaks are documented in the Guinness Book of Records. Maurice has been invited 42 times in the Hall of Fame and has participated in 750 championships, including the Olympic Games and the Games Maccabees. It has to its credit with 47 gold medals and 700 trophies.