Ju Jutsu Combat
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The Grand Master S. G. Sanchis, Colonel of the US Marine Cadet Corps, and Major withdrawn from the US Marines, we presented in this paper the Ju-Jutsu Combat-Do, the art of Total Wrestling, which is creator and 8 th Dan. The JJD COMBAT brings together the best of various disciplines and Martial Arts, including the Olympic Wrestling, the Vale Tudo, Grappling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Sambo, Jiu-Jitsu, movements of Muay Thay, boxing and karate, making it a great system fighter, capable of uniting a tremendous arsenal of techniques strong and powerful proven. Thus, while a single source of the original fruit Jujutsu and having gone through the creators of Jukaido, Jukajutsu, etc.. Do the Ju-Jutso Combat has nothing to do with them, as it has evolved into the competition, occidentalizándose through their contact with the techniques of boxing, grecoromana Fight, Fight and Sambo. From the hand of one of the most prominent Western experts on combat systems and military police, a comprehensive instructional video in which combines the best of the techniques of combat eastern and western.