Kokkar Special Combat Black Cobra II Vol 2
[DVD/OMAR3]    $29.95

Black Cobra II is the name of one of the key programs tactical combat Kokkar, with more projection in the American Army Special Forces. His decisive characteristic speed, power and potential lethal capacity neutralizers, quickly took him to be adopted by the world-renowned Elite Force Navy SEAL. Its raison d'être and destination in the past have limited access and practice, only the most qualified professionals Forces, Bodies and Special Units. The Sergeant Fernando Bandini, Officer Full-Tactics Instructor in USA in police or military delegate for Europe and Director of the Organization Kokkar, will show us the first volume in the sections of hand-to-hand combat, and combat empty-handed fight against knife and Knife against knife in the second video. A complete work, divided into two volumes, in which the "Black Cobra II" is presented to the public for the first time.