Bujinkan Dojo Taijitsy vol.2
[DVD/HATSU2]    $29.95

Who does not know Hatsumi Sensei? He is the living history of Ninjutsu in the modern era, but in addition to being a character is a man of great charisma and personality. We conducted our edition of the first two videos Taikai Madrid, focusing this time on the section of the Wind Gyokko-Jutsu Ryu Kosshi there is a lot material and the difficulty here is that &iexl; cut! Hatsumi is a dechado ideas, laughter, continuous teachings climbed on stage. It does not matter if you do or karate Ninjutsu &iexl; or whatever! This man taught about life itself. Their videos are real and can not enjoyed unless recomendároslos without limitation, you do not lose those are an exceptional document, and perhaps, at least thus came to the Master say, this may be the last Taikai to do. Later, in a few months, finish editing this material that might become a couple more videos.