Kung Fu Tang Lang
[DVD/TANG1]    $29.95

The style of the "Mantis religiosa" is a form of Kung Fu most famous along with lesser-known in the West. The swift and lethal techniques of Mantis have inspired forms of attack and defence that teachers of antiquity knew codify in a style that has gained fame justified within the Kung Fu. Master Cangelosi, an expert of proven category in the Arts Chinas, shared this video through their knowledge with you, moving the practitioner into the secrets of one of the most beautiful styles of traditional Kung Fu. From the technical positions, attacks and defenses, to form Mo Soi Kune, in this video you will find an excellent study materials and refinement of your Kung Fu. The style Tang Lang is one of the most precious jewels of the Chinese tradition now within the grasp of all of you lovers of genuine good Kung Fu. With this video Cangelosi again demonstrate the seriousness and intensity of his work as a master of Kung Fu.