Aikido Tenshin Dojo
[DVD/MIYA2]    $29.95

In this work for its second Budo International, Miyako Fujitani, 6 Dan by the Tokyo Aikikai and responsible tenshin Aikido Dojo in Osaka, presents us with a subtle and effective Aikido, stylish and powerful, insisting that there is a wide variety of techniques in Aikido although all of them involve the use of a circular motion. De la mano de Sensei Fujitani, review exercises in sitting position, Kokyu-Ho, Hanmi-Handachi Iriminage, Hanmi-Handachi Shiho-nage, Tuki-Kotegaeshi, Tuki-Iriminage, Tuki Keri-Ushiro-Iriminage, Ryote-Dori, Sayun - Nage, Tenchi-nage, Ushiro-Ryotedori Kokyu-nage, Shomen-uchi, Hijishime, Muna-dori Kokyu-nage. Also, this time we find the use of the Bo Bokken or possess a remarkable versatility in the hands of Fujitani. A video with which you can enjoy a peculiar Aikido, focused on respect and learning effectiveness for reducing the opponents without resorting to force with skills in many dojo not been practiced ever.