Total Grapplin & Vale Tudo vol.1
[DVD/TG1]    $29.95

Undoubtedly forms Fighting Total or Royal, called "Without Rules" or Fight, have revolutionized the Arts Discipline of this century. Today we bring you the free hand of a young, but skilled fighter a job that you prepared to learn the techniques without purest Fight Rules (techniques that have become famous for many other teachers and yet are taught in their videos with "dropper"!) Manu teaches you how to train and prepare a fighter for this kind of fighting without destrozarse every day. Manu is a strong and healthy young man of humble origin but with a strong learning ability which has led him to study with the best teachers from around the world. He has managed to develop a comprehensive system of training where they are taught clearly the keys to Fight Free Vale Tudo. A young Master to be much talking.