Ultimate Fighting X-Treme vol.1
[DVD/HUB1]    $29.95

Hubert Numrich, with almost two metres tall and 130 kilos is a very well-known person in Germany as well as in professional circles of combat, not in vain is a veteran in many lides and forms of fighting, from Kick Boxing (has fought people of the stature of Peter Aerts and Ernesto Hoost) do Vale-Tudo. Its history, tremendously large, is itself a summary of the history and evolution of the arts discipline in recent decades. We present the first two deliveries. In the first Hubert undertakes the task of addressing situations in the distance where the coup Muay Thai, Boxing and Full Contact know to be lethal in the second move into the projections. Two videos with a heavy dose of common sense, experience and commitment to the real battle, which will delight fans of the struggle of truth.